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HAND-MADE TRIMMINGS: Articles braided and crafted by hand in our workshops by a specialised team.
To set off, edge or decorate an item of clothing. Available in numerous materials: lurex, linen, rayon, silk...
These made in France hand-made trimmings show off in detail the quality and finesse of your creations.

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For fastening,
joining or closing,
the brandebourg
is the decoration
that will enhance
your creations.

Whether they are round,
oval or square,
we will adapt them
to your requirements.

Flowing or tactile,
the tassel will
swing and sway
with your moods,
density and
shapes galore.

Whether discreet or bold,
the trimming
will give that
special touch
to show off
your articles.

Matt or shiny,
plain or multicoloured, 
with variable length and density giving rise
to endless sources
of inspiration.
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